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How to beat a bad judge

Check if a sub-forum already exists for the Judge you wish to discuss. Please try to keep one Sub-forum per judge. In this way, with the Search function, all comment re a particular judge will be collected in the one sub-forum.

How to beat a bad judge

Postby bergmanmd1 » Thu Oct 09, 2008 3:41 pm

First, be prepared for a long fight. Then make sure have read and that you understand the rules of civil proceedure (don't do this in criminal cases, you need a lawyer) because you are going to need know these. I would suggest that you read these rules again and any one of them you think you really understand, is the one I'd read again and again. There are no real second chances in court. You have to get it right the first time or you are out of luck till next time. Also, make sure you have at least read through and have a general understanding of the code of administration, and that you know your state laws relating to the administration of your courts..

Rule # 1. Never attack a judge before it time, never attack what the judge said in their ruling and never attack when the judge is looking. Attacks have to be by motions and not directed at the judge. That is until you have them, if you attack to soon you will lose everything. The judge is going to break the law, you just have to be there when they do. Then don't tell them that they just broke the law. Prepare everything first. Court is just a chess game, and you never bring your Queen out to early or you will lose her.

Last, January, 2008 my Judge ruled in my favor, but then he insulted me with his judgment. My case was to foreclose a mechanics lien in Ogden Utah. Thats right, before Parley R. Baldwin, in the second district court. What I have found that is your biggest helper is the judge them selves. They are lazy and they all think they are over worked. Give me a break. If a judge does not like what they are doing, then quit. Do not take your problems out on everybody else.

Rule # 2. File a motion using every post trial right you have. Go after anything you can find to make the defendants life miserable. After all, the defendant is the whole reason you went to court in the first place.

Rule # 3. Always request a hearing on any motion you file. Make that judge work for a living.

Rule # 4. Follow through, DO NOT STOP. That is exactly what everybody thinks is going to happen.

Judges start bending the rules every quickly to get rid of you. Let it go for a bit. Let the bending of the rules go right until they are about to break. Then let the hammer down. Appeal everything and attack, attack, attack. Report everything the judge has done to you to the conduct commission, the bar, the judicial council, but do not let the appeals court know anything more than you have to.

Yes, Judge Baldwin has taken an early retirement, it was that or face the criminal charges and the judicial conduct commission and the Supreme Court.

Rule # 5. Keep smiling and never let anyone else get under your skin. Everybody else will help you if you ask very nicely. Never lose your cool until you own the court. Not just until the ball is in your court. OWN THE COURT.

OK, I,ve been around a court room, but I'm not a lawyer. I act Pro Se, which for me is much more fun. You have the advantage if you know it or not. How do I think this you ask? Because everything I write is first person, it happened to me. No one understands it like I do and no one can explain it beeter either. That is your advantage, a lawyer has to twist things around and fill in the blanks tro complete the story.

One last note, go after the defendant's lawyer, but that is not as important as the judge. Once you have the judge, the defendants lawyer is a piece of cake. After all you did not come to court to lose. Take that Queen and check mate that king.
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Joined: Thu Oct 09, 2008 2:43 pm

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